Why Conference Bridge as Your Business Solution

Constant and effective communication between business team members is necessary for their success. Using the right telecommunication tools helps keep teams connected and current. Several businesses hold regular team meetings or conferences to keep everyone in the loop and gauge progress. Conference bridge easily facilitates the meeting for all, better than the traditional conference call. Learn more about what a conference bridge is and how it can be a smart business solution for your company’s success.

What is a Conference Bridge?

Conference calls require members to call another person to add them to the conversation. Generally, the conference call feature is useful but can only support a few call participants. When you need to connect and communicate with a large number of people, like an office-wide meeting, a conference bridge is a better tool to use. With a conference bridge, others call a central line that connects everyone in their server to the meeting. People from all over can call into a session at a designated time, and they’ll be granted permission to join the meeting after entering a PIN.


Even if your team is spread throughout the building, state, country, or globe, the conference bridge can keep everyone connected during important meetings. Make sure everyone is aware of the time the conference will take place. Then, the staff can dial the central number to participate in the meeting. In-person meetings can be inconvenient and require accommodating the schedules of everyone. However, by building in some time to get on the phone or computer, the conference is ready to go.


Traveling costs and booking a physical location to hold meetings add up business expenses. Holding the meeting over a conference bridge allows the conference to occur from the participant’s location. Without having regular in-person meetings, the team can still collaborate and communicate with each other, while saving precious company time and money.

Secure Communication

Security and other conference features are important aspects to consider when discussing proprietary business information. Instructing employees on how to access the secure conference line with a PIN. This reduces the chance of the wrong people joining in the call. When people are scattered all over the place and using different devices to join the conference, secure communication is built into the design of the conference bridge.

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