Small Business Growth Means Needing a Business Phone System

Today’s smartphones are highly capable of many tasks; you can probably start and run a business using just a smartphone. You and your small team may have fared with personal phones when starting your small business. However, you can’t go on professionally servicing your clients or efficiently collaborating with coworkers without a more sophisticated, dedicated business phone system. It’s like starting a successful home business but not moving into a bigger office as you prosper. Every growing business will need upgrades. As your small business grows, so does your team, clients, and overall business needs, including a business phone system to support that growth.

Accommodate Teamwork

Using office phones may feel foreign to you and your employees when making that transition to business phones from smartphones. However, as you explore the functionalities of a business phone system, your team will realize what a valuable tool it is. Integrated VOIP phones enable quick calls from your desktop messaging apps. Speed dialing or conference calls are much easier to set up and are more reliable for communication. When your team grows or travels, keeping in touch is critical, whether you need to reach someone across the building or the country.

Customer Expectations

Customers expect your business to interact with them professionally and provide a seamless experience. Being able to present your customers with a reliable way to contact your small business, and get the help they need quickly, matters. While a smaller company won’t likely need a call center to handle a high volume of customer calls, your business phone system can help manage your calls just as easily. Voicemails, call menus, transfers, third-party add-ins, and find-me-follow-me features make your growing small business appear very capable to those who call in.

Adapting Small Business Growth

Whatever conceptions you had about office phones in the past, now’s the time to rethink them. Business phone systems are more reliable now than ever. Setting up an office phone system means its capabilities to help your business will expand as your operations grow too. Based on your current office space, you can have a new phone wireless phone system installed. Or, perhaps you want the added protection of using a hybrid system. With a hybrid system, you can use all the features of a modern VOIP phone system and still use analog lines in case the system goes down.

Phone System Solutions from Delta Intellicom

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