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Ethernet Switching

Delta Intellicom understands that not all customers have the same Ethernet Switching and Networking needs nor the same manufactures’ hardware.  Whether you have Netgear, Dell, Cisco, Nortel, Avaya, HP, or 3COM Ethernet switching equipment, Delta’s experienced and well trained staff, have the skills necessary to provide those essential services most companies need. If you are implementing VoIP, moving to VLAN’s, adding Wireless Networking, or simply upgrading your network design, Delta Intellicom can assist with the process. With tens of thousands of ports installed across the tri-state area, Delta is more than capable of providing the necessary services you need.

For years virtual LANs have played an important role in basic enterprise networking, enabling engineers to segment portions of their networks for security, management and scalability. The emergence of virtualization and cloud computing networks makes understanding VLAN implementation more important. VLANs are key to providing management in a world of virtualization, especially where virtual machines are constantly changing, challenging the very basics of network management.


The technologies and manufacturer’s offerings in the areas of high-performance, highly efficient network Ethernet switching equipment and network designs are ever evolving. You can find more self help content in the Training Videos section of our Resource Center.

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