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PBX Maintenance and Monitoring

Delta Intellicom provides onsite PBX Maintenance and Monitoring equipment to monitor the phone system’s health and to head off potential outages. This proactive approach to PBX maintenance can provide our customers peace of mind, knowing that their PBX or phone system is functioning at peak performance. This is especially helpful in large call center environments where each missed call is lost revenue. Our onsite equipment monitors system state, logs all critical events, and immediately emails the Enterprise Support Staff, alerting them of potentially service affecting problems. Our on-call personnel are there 24 hours a day 7 days a week to ensure these errors are logged and resolved. 

With thousands of monitored ports throughout the Maryland, DC, Metro area, Delta Intellicom stands ready to ensure your business’ phone system is ready for business when you are.


Our advanced PBX monitoring platform is capable of reporting Quality of Service (QOS) issues. This QOS monitoring has proven to be a valuable asset to our Voice over IP customers that rely of their network switching equipment to provide connectivity for their phones. Additionally, this advanced application can monitor your routers, switches, and servers as well, without the expense of a product like What’s Up Gold. The ability to leverage these industry standard syslog and SNMP traps means ease of installation for you, and no special SAUCE needed. Having been in business in the Maryland, DC Metro area for over 20 years Delta Intellicom stands ready to be your next telecommunications provider.

System Maintenance

Part of our PBX Maintenance is patch management. Patch management focuses on ensuring your PBX is always up to date with the latest bug fixes, system and phone firmware and loadware. By ensuring system code is up to date, you are able to avoid unforeseen issues.


To view a list of equipment sold, installed, serviced, and supported by Delta Intellicom, please click HERE.

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