Video Conference Etiquette

With the technology available to us today, many businesses are beginning to take advantage of the video conference. A video conference allows team members and clients to meet without the need for serious travel. While video conferencing is highly beneficial for businesses, it is important that all involved use proper conference etiquette. Using proper video conference etiquette will ensure a successful and productive conference.

  1. Always dress professionally for a video conference. While you may be conducting the call from your home, it is never professional to wear casual apparel for a business meeting. Your clients are still able to see you, so dress as though you were meeting face to face.
  2. Take the time to learn your camera and adjust the angle before you begin your call. Constant camera movement can become distracting during a call.
  3. Instead of creating confusing email threads about the video conference, create an event on a shared calendar for everyone to see and approve.
  4. Remove distractions from your work area before conducting the video conference. Even if you are not being spoken to directly, it is always unprofessional to appear disconnected and disinterested during a meeting.
  5. If the call has reached a point where you are no longer giving input, use your mute button. This allows you to take notes and move papers without being a distraction.
  6. Ensure your connection is secure and strong at the beginning of the call. Having an unclear picture or muffled sound can be distracting and lower the productivity of the call.
  7. Be aware of your lighting before you begin the call. Having a picture that is too light or too dark can cause problems with productivity. If you are constantly getting up to adjust your lighting in the room, you are becoming a distraction to the rest of the group.

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