New Video Conferencing Capabilities

Avaya has just recently announced new capabilities available when using video conferencing. Because the company is so heavily involved in video conferencing and telecommunications, they are able to use their own experiences to improve their products and services. Avaya was able to then incorporate new capabilities into their video conferencing product Avaya Scopia to help increase the experience.

These new capabilities are as follows:

  1. Wireless Presentation- A common issue when managing presentations during a conference is the need to hook up a laptop or device to the system being used for video conferencing. This takes up a significant amount of time during your conference while also distracting team members and reducing productivity. However, a new capability allows laptops to connect to your video conferencing system wirelessly. This eliminates the need for wires and will reduce down time during your conference.
  2. Mobile Meeting Continuity- Almost anyone who has ever had to call in for a phone conference has experienced calling in from a mobile phone and then having to disconnect and reconnect. A new capability allows your mobile device to connect you the system in your office without having to disconnect.
  3. Full HD at Desktop- In the past, HD options are only available on room systems. Avaya Scopia allows HD to be accessed on mobile devices as well as office desktops, enhancing the user’s experience and helping to increase overall productivity during video conferencing.
  4. Asset Creation- Whenever you hold a video conference, you want to have the option to save and playback the conference. This can be used as a reference point moving forward while also being helpful for anyone unable to participate in the meeting.
    Extreme Network Efficiency- Another new capability allows HD to be accessed through a smaller bandwidth, which decreases the chance of error.

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