The Cloud and Millennials

At this point, almost everyone has heard mention of the Cloud. Whether they are using the term at work or if they are listening to a news report, the Cloud is becoming a more prominent and driving force in several aspects of life. Recent reports are finding connections between the Cloud and the elements that motivate the millennials within the workforce. According to author Daniel Pink, three elements help motivate the millennials that are beginning to enter the workforce.

These three elements are:

  • Autonomy- Being provided with their own time helps to increase the productivity of millennials within the workforce. While it may seem like this autonomy could harm productivity, Google found that this freedom within the workforce helped with the development of their newer products.
  • Mastery- Studies have proven that productivity increases amongst millennials once they feel as though they have mastered the needed technology and information in order to complete a task.
  • Purpose- Millennials want to know that their efforts are for a purpose. Without a purpose, they tend to feel stuck and unproductive, which will lead to a lack of productivity within the workforce.

So how does the cloud help millennials within the workforce?

  • Speed- The cloud allows millennials to access applications for their work based on their need. Applications can be quickly accessed if they are used more often in comparison to other applications.
  • Reliability-Applications that are accessed through the cloud are more reliable when they need to be accessed by millennials.
  • Agility- The cloud allows new applications to be added quickly as your business changes and technology evolves.
  • Accessibility-The cloud allows millennials to access necessary applications even if they are out of the office at the time.

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