Do I Need a Telephone System?

With more and more business communication being conducted through email, newer businesses are beginning to question the need for a telephone system. Many are now considering a telephone system to be an unnecessary expense and bill for their new business and believe that communication through email is sufficient enough. However, while there are many who prefer email as a main form of communication, it is still vital to have a telephone system in place for your business.

A telephone system provides a more solid and reliable form of communication for your business and clients. While email can be more convenient at times, there are cases when servers are down and email is unavailable. If this occurs, your clients now have no way to communicate with you, which could be crippling to your new business.  There are also other benefits that come from having a telephone system for your new business.

  • A telephone system can help save your business money in the long run. Instead of reimbursing staff for using their own personal phone lines or having individual lines, a designated business line will prevent unnecessary fees and charges.
  • As your business continues to grow and expand, new staff members can easily connect and access the telephone system at little to no cost or hassle. The system can also help staff communicate more effectively with each other as well as clients.
  • A business telephone system can come with several features like Caller ID and voicemail to help elevate your business to the next level. Caller ID will allow staff to screen unwanted calls while voicemail allows members to receive and return missed calls if they are in meetings or away from the office.

At Delta Intellicom, we provide businesses throughout the Maryland, Washington DC, Pennsylvania, and Northern Virginia areas with a business telephone system that works for them. By providing products from top name brands like Avaya, Valcom, and Nortel, we are able to help small businesses run smoothly and develop a professional environment to work in. Don’t risk your business success on a second rate phone system, invest in a business telephone system with Delta Intellicom today!

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