Making Self Service Friendly

For most businesses, when customers and clients call the main line, they are faced with a menu of options. The idea behind this self-service menu is to guide the customer in speaking to the proper team member of your business. However, it is often that customers and clients become frustrated with self-service menus, which can kill the customer service side of your business. If your business is aiming to create a friendlier self-service menu for customers, consider these tips.

  • Priorities- Collect data from your client base to see what makes them call your business. Use that data to prioritize your list of options for your self-service menu. Your menu should only include options that are most important to your cliental.
  • Broad to Narrow- You never want to overwhelm your clients with a long and confusing menu. To begin, your clients should be given a list of about five options to choose from. As they continue the process, the options provided for them should begin to become more specific. This will help your customers speak directly to the individual that can best assist them.
  • Most Recent- Keep in mind that clients are more likely to remember the last option they hear. Because of this, it is often a good idea to include a prompt right before the client is asked to respond.
  • Language- When creating your self-service menu, keep in mind the type of language that is being used. Be consistent with the language used and when possible, use questions that will only require a yes or no response from the client. It is also important to be aware of how you structure your questions to the client.

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