Headsets or Handheld

Those who work within an office setting know how often they use the telephone to communicate. In a business world run mainly by e-mail, those phone calls are essential, but can become a distraction during the work day. When your office phone rings, you must stop whatever project you were working on to answer and hold the phone. As you conduct your conversation, you may need to ask a team member a question, which means placing the client on hold to leave your desk. Because you are limited to your desk by a cord and handheld device, phone calls tend to harm productivity at times rather than increase it.

However, headsets can change the way we answer and conduct are phone calls during the work day. Headsets are known to bring several benefits to your office space, including the following:

  • Your hands are free to continue working while speaking on the phone. This means e-mails can be sent and notes can be taken while speaking with a client.
  • Movement is achievable when using headsets within an office. This means being able to pass off documents, or ask questions if necessary while still having a phone conversation.
  • Headsets provide your client with a consistent volume of your voice as you move. With handheld phones, your voice could go in and out as you shift the phone.
  • Headsets will also help to cancel out surrounding noise for both you and the client. Your microphone will allow your client to only hear you while you will only be able to hear your client.
  • Headsets also help promote a healthy work environment. Handheld phones tend to lead to back and neck pain due to poor posture while trying to balance the phone under your chin.

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