How to Enhance Your Wireless Network

If you aren’t getting the most and best service from your wireless network, you have options that will help you enhance your experience. Poor network performance can impact your productivity and even your leisure time. Read on to explore more options for enhancing your network.

Central Location

To achieve the best and widest signal coverage, move your router to a central location. If you’re building has two floors, place the router higher on a shelf so that the signal becomes more accessible to both floors.

Lift the Router

You are doing yourself a disservice if your router is located on the floor. The furniture, desks, and walls create natural barriers to the signal and having the signal on the floor makes it even worse. Move your router higher to avoid these kinds of obstructions and give your signal the best chance of reaching every area it needs to.

Replace Antenna

Antennas broadcast your wireless signal in all directions. Therefore, placing your router near a wall sends a large amount of your wireless service through the building. The antennas on most routers are removable and can be replaced. If your router is placed near a wall, you may benefit from using a high-gain antenna, which gives you more control over the direction of your wireless signal.

Reduce Interference

The most common frequency for wireless technology is 2.5 gigahertz. May devices operate at this frequency, including garage door openers, baby monitors, microwaves, and cordless phones. All these different types of devices can cause interference between the device and the router. To limit this type of interference, purchase cordless phones and other devices at 5.8 gigahertz or even 900 megahertz.

Replace Your Card-based Adapter

Sometimes devices have difficulty sending signals back to the router. This issue can be resolved by replacing your card-based wireless network adapter and instead, use a USB wireless network adapter with an external antenna.

Add a Repeater

Wireless repeaters are useful because they create the ability to strengthen and rebroadcast the wireless signal from your router to harder-to-reach floors and areas in a building. You can place one near any outlet, but you’ll get the best results by placing the repeater halfway between your router and device.

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