5 Benefits Of A PBX Phone System

When it comes to setting up your business phone system, there is nothing that will create a more professional, simple system than PBX phones. PBX, or Private Branch Exchange, links all of the phones within your office space together and offers a variety of benefits traditional phones can’t compete with.  Not only can PBX help keep your system easy to navigate, but it improves customer satisfaction, and cuts cost too. Let’s take a look at five of the other benefits these fantastic phone systems can offer your business.

Easier Internal Communication

Traditionally, if you call a number within your office the call would be sent to the phone exchange before being routed back, this may sound impractical because it is. Not only are separate phone lines challenging to manage, but they are more expensive as well. With a PBX system, all calls within the building will be routed internally. This keeps your phone system less costly and hassle-free.

Central Control

The centralized control of a PBX phone means that even if you route your incoming calls through one number the rest of the system is still accessible. Usually, a one number system would suggest that while the line was busy, no additional incoming or outgoing calls could be made. With PBX phones this isn’t the case.


If your business receives large volumes of calls, you can employ the PBX automation feature which allows you to set up a simple menu system. While these sometimes cause frustration they give callers the ability to enter an extension to limit their wait.

Call Routing

Does your business have your employees on the go and missing calls? The PBX flexible call routing system makes it easy to make sure calls are going to the right phone no matter where you are. You can easily reroute the system so that if one team member is at lunch, their calls are forwarded to the next person available.

Variable Access

Do you need different call settings for different people? A PBX phone system allows you to set up varying levels of access to each phone. You can alternate between only internal calls, internal and outgoing local, some long distance, and specific international numbers depending on your needs.

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