Google Cloud for Customer Engagement

A customer contact center is imperative for many businesses and companies, but will add nothing to your business if not run correctly. By connecting your Avaya phone system with the Google Cloud, you are helping to ensure your contact center will run at its highest capacity. The only thing needed to create your contact center is a connection to the internet, an Avaya headset or phone, and a Chrome device. Once you have plugged into the cloud, your staff will be able to take advantage of all the Cloud has to offer in customer engagement.

Whether you only have 15 team members or a team of 200, a Google Cloud contact center can take your business to the next level. Applications such as call recordings, IVR’s, inbound calling, and outbound calling, can help take customer service for your business to the next level.

So what benefits can your business expect to experience through the Google Cloud?

  • When you use the Google Cloud as an engagement solution for your business, you are using a hassle free application. No maintenance is needed and upgrades are included.
  • When you are able to help customers quickly, your reputation for customer service can only increase. Your business will notice an increase in loyal customers as well as an increase in profit when customer service increases through your business.
  • The Google Cloud allows you to easily add new members with only a few clicks while being easily downloadable. Instead of waiting hours to begin using the Google Cloud, your business will be able to experience the benefits quickly thanks to fast download speeds.

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