Choosing your Business Number

Your business number is an essential component to your business. Without a main business number, new clients or customers will be unsure as to how to reach you, which can harm your business. Many new business owners are not aware of how the numbers within their business number can affect their business.

It is first important to use a number that will be toll free to your clients and customers. New customers won’t be willing to call your new business if they know it will ultimately cost them money, even if they don’t use your service. While having a geographical specific area code can show that your business is local, it may deter non local clients and customers, although you have the ability to serve them. The other side of this coin is having a non-geographical specific number could deter locals from using a business that may outsource. In this case, it is best to determine what cliental you wish to serve and make an area code decision based on that.

If you choose to have a cellular number listed as your main business line, you will also run the risk of appearing unprofessional. A cellular business number will seem as though your business doesn’t have enough funding, and in turn enough experience, to provide a viable service.

You also want to make your business number something that can be remembered easily. Using the letters that correspond to each number in order to spell out a phrase or name is a great way to encourage new clients to call in. A number that can also be used along with a catchy jingle is a great to have new clients or customers remember your business number.

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