Data Solutions: What Happens in an Internet Minute? (Part 1)

Remember that “Internet of Things” idea that we talked about a couple months ago? Yeah, that’s still alive and well. So much of what we do on a daily basis is about data, connectivity, and the Internet. With that thought in mind, there has to be a lot of information moving around the Internet all the time, right? Right. We did a little digging, and we found out what exactly goes on in an Internet minute. We also have a few thoughts about the data solutions necessary to keep up. Let’s jump in!

An Internet Minute

Throughout any given day, you might send a few emails, do a couple Google searches, listen to some music, what have you. But think about everything you do multiplied by the estimated 3.2 billion people who have access to the web. With that in mind, here are a handful of cool pieces of data we found when we were trying to figure out what happens in an Internet minute:

  • 6 Wikipedia Articles are Published. It may seem like we’re starting out slow with a number like six, but think about the extrapolation. That’s 260,000 new articles a month added to a database already larger than 5 million. Extrapolation will be fun here — multiply each of these numbers by 40,000 to get a rough estimate of the monthly figures. (There are 42,300 minutes in 30 days, if you’re wondering where that number came from.) Let’s see some bigger numbers now.
  • 438,801 Wikipedia Page Views (Is that number big enough for you?)
  • 34.7 Million Instant Messages
  • 4.1 Million Google Searches
  • 31,773 Hours of Music Played
  • 162,037 Hours of Video Watched (That’s just between YouTube and Netflix, the Internet’s two most popular video sites)
  • $133,436 in Sales
  • 194,064 App Downloads
  • Over 4 Million “Likes” on Facebook
  • 347,222 Tweets
  • 204 Million Emails Sent

We’ll stop there. We think we’ve made our point. If you have any trouble with the math, we’ll just tell you: that’s A LOT of data passing through the Internet at any given moment. (Data that needs to be backed up!) Now that we’ve piqued your interest…stay tuned to our blog next week to learn about keeping your data solutions up to snuff to account for all that traffic!

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