Choosing a Scalable Phone System for a Growing Business

So, you’ve started a new company, and business is booming. You’re bringing more new hires on board seemingly every day, and you’re scrambling to keep up with all the housekeeping and administration that needs to be taken care of as you grow. Don’t let your phone system be part of that chaos — make it easy by choosing a scalable phone system from the very start.

It’s Growing!!

Let’s start with a metaphor. Trees start out small, weak, and largely unprotected, right? As they grow, they can extend their roots, reach more nutrients, and better allocate those resources for things like hardening their bark, conserving water, and sealing off damaged limbs to protect healthy ones.

With any business, good communication is key. With a growing business, it’s imperative. With new people and new tasks everywhere, you have to be able to keep a handle on your daily goings on. You have to be able to extend your roots (phone system), reach more nutrients (employees), and provide resources (features) to help the organism (company), as a whole, survive. Hopefully you made it through that messy metaphor with us, because here comes our advice.

Scalable Phone System Solutions

Having to “scale up” is the best possible problem a business can have. When scaling up becomes necessary, cloud-based phone systems, or VoIP phone systems, are by far the easiest to manage for growth. VoIP uses your Internet connection, rather than traditional landlines, to make phone calls. It can also track calls, take metrics, store data, and is generally more customizable and easier to install than a traditional phone system.

It used to be the case that new phone systems meant all new infrastructure, all new equipment, and all new pain in the neck, plus the material and labor costs to boot. Now, so long as your business is already equipped with high-speed Internet (we hope it is in 2016), all it takes to expand a cloud-based phone system is new hardware, which is significantly easier and cheaper to acquire than entirely new…well, everything.

Overall, cloud-based (or VoIP) systems are the way to go when you’re looking for a scalable phone system. It offers the customizability and ease of growth that a growing business in 2016 needs.

Scalable Phone Systems with Delta Intellicom

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