4 Useful Features of Automatic Call Distribution Systems

If you are in the market for an automatic call distribution system, you may be wondering what features are necessary or available for your business’s call center. Nowadays, automatic call distribution systems offer a wide variety of features to meet your individual needs. These features give you options for how calls are issued, where calls can be relayed, and what happens to callers after they have been placed in a queue. Here are four features to consider for your automatic call distribution system that employees and callers alike will love.

  1. Multiple Queues

Some automatic call distribution systems allow for multiple queues of callers. The queues can be separated by department, level of urgency, or any other category. Many systems utilize a call menu wherein callers dial numbers corresponding to different options for the department with which they have business, the urgency of their request, or their location. Multiple queues allow high call volumes to be categorized and dealt with in an organized manner.

  1. Skill-Based Call Assignment

One of the more cutting-edge automatic call distribution system features is skill-based call assignment. In essence, employees are evaluated on their ability to handle certain customer queries and complaints. Callers are able to choose the reason for their call on a menu, and the caller is then placed into a queue for the agent most adept at handling their request. Multiple queues are used in conjunction with this feature, which is extremely useful in healthcare, higher education, or any other setting where callers will have business relating to vastly different departments.

  1. Automatic Call Back

The automatic call back feature allows callers to place their name and phone number into a queue and receive a call back once a representative is ready to talk to them. This feature is extremely popular with customers because it does not require them to stay on hold while they wait. Because of this, representatives often have more time to get to callers because they are not waiting on the line.

  1. Remote Location Connectivity

Some automatic call distribution systems can connect phone calls to employees remotely. This can reduce the need for office space, allow people to work from home, or accommodate very large corporations with multiple locations and call centers.

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