4 Conference Bridge Features to Look For

If you are looking for a product that allows you to host extremely large conference calls, you are likely in the market for a conference bridge. Conference bridge systems and equipment run the gamut from inexpensive and spartan to costly and elaborate. When looking for a conference bridge product, you should keep in mind what you will be using the product for and who will be operating the system. Here are four features to consider when making your next conference bridge purchase.

  1. Smartphone Applications

Some conference bridge systems have a mobile app with which users can join conference calls. Since conference bridges use the internet to place calls, many systems allow you to use phones, computers, or smartphones to join a call. Systems that have a mobile app are useful because conference call attendees do not have to be at their office to join a call.

  1. Web-Based Call Controls

Web-based call controls give you the ability to monitor and adjust certain aspects of the conference call directly from your computer. Call control features include call recording, a call roster, mute functionality, additional security measures, and more. Moderators or hosts can have the ability to mute callers with some systems, as well as lock the call and require a passcode. These features are useful for meetings which deal with sensitive information, and the web-based portal makes them easier to use.

  1. Call Recording

Call recording is a useful feature for lectures or meetings with long agendas. There are a few different iterations of this feature available in many conference bridge services. Some call recording options allow you to save the recording online either online or as a file on your computer. Others only allow playback. While some conference bridge systems include this feature, others charge an additional fee. If the ability to record conference calls is important to you, be sure to ask your telecommunications provider if call recording is an available feature.

  1. Number of Callers

When searching for a conference bridge service, keep in mind how many callers you will need to support. A business with 200 employees that has weekly conference calls will have different needs than a 25-person small business.

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