Why Should You Move Your Business Phone System to the Cloud?

In most industries, the phone is the lifeline of your business. Client and customer calls are what keep your business moving from day to day. Without those leads that come in over the phone, much of your business activities would stop. So, like everything else about your business, your phone system needs to keep up with the times. Recent and not-so-recent advancements in phone technology have propelled the office phone from analog to digital and then onto the cloud (like most business technology these days). Is it worthwhile for you to move your business phone system to the cloud? In short, yes, because the benefits of this shift will be far-reaching.

Better For Your Budget

Your phone system has a hefty price tag, and when it comes time to update, it can eat a huge part of your budget. Switching to cloud-based systems isn’t as cost-intensive as traditional ones, and sometimes isn’t even as costly as even updating a huge traditional network either. Moving your phone system to the cloud also allows you to consolidate your voice and data lines and often pare that down to a single bill from a single provider. 

Get The Technology You Really Want

Switching to cloud-based phones also gives you access to the features and technology that you really want. When new features become available, you won’t have to wait for them to become cheaper, you can just have your service provider implement them. Likewise, when new software rolls out, it is an easy process to simply update your phone system. Cloud-based phones also typically allow for more features than traditional phones as well.

Future-Proof Your Investment

There are several ways that choosing a cloud-based phone service is a future-proof choice. First, since the cloud is where your phone traffic happens, the onus of keeping the infrastructure up to date falls on your service provider. You don’t have to worry about replacing aging equipment or performing software updates, they do. Additionally, cloud-based phones are easier to use for remote workers, and remote work continues to be the preference for most employees. By investing in cloud-based phones, you are investing in the work style that is increasingly popular and not going away anytime soon. 

Get Better Reliability

Cloud-based phones utilize data centers all over the country so that if one goes down, others can pick up the slack. This isn’t the case when your in-house phone network goes down. In that scenario, you’re left without a phone, and your customers are left with a bad impression of your reliability. 

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