What You Need to Know About Cloud Phone Systems

When it comes to choosing a phone system for your business, the best decisions are informed decisions. Refer to this guide for everything you need to know about cloud phone systems. It’s an option that’s gaining popularity and is a technology that is here to stay.

What is a Cloud Phone System?

Cloud phone systems are a combination of cloud computing, Voice over IP (VoIP) technology, and mobile applications. It works through a monthly subscription service that offers various packages with services and features. With this service, you’ll receive features that may include shared lines, intercom capabilities, fax, call queues, and call parking. With a cloud phone system, you won’t find yourself having to manage onsite hardware as that responsibility is left to the host.   

Cloud Integration

You may not realize it, but you’re probably already using a system that uses cloud-computing technology. In fact, at this point, they’ve become so universal that many don’t even carry or use the term “cloud” in the name. From customer relationship management to note taking to data storage applications, we are now surrounded by systems that are based on cloud computing, including phone systems. It’s incredibly efficient and results in enhanced consistency and productivity.

Matters of Security

Your chosen cloud-phone system provider will also handle matters involving the security of your data and phone lines. Not only will you not need to house expensive hardware onsite at your business, but virtual security includes controlled access, constant visual monitoring, and protection against potential hackers.

Overview of Advantages

A significant advantage of using a cloud-based phone system is its mobile accessibility. This means that your employees can be in virtually any location across the globe and still conduct their necessary business activities with uninterrupted service. All they’ll need is a software application on their company or personal mobile device. Also, you can avoid gaps in your phone service by establishing your cloud system before disconnecting your current system. The same goes for moving locations. There will be no need to deal with a complicated set up that involved various equipment installation.

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