What is VoIP?

If you are ever working within the telecommunication industry, you have will most likely hear or read about VoIP. You will probably find out if your business uses the service or not, and you might even help determine if VoIP is beneficial for your business. Because of this, it would be helpful for you to know all about VoIP.

VoIP is the abbreviation for voice over internet protocol. This service allows businesses to receive and make phone calls using your internet connection. The service ranges depending on what provider you choose for your business. Most businesses have taken to using VoIP in their private networks in order to increase security when using the service. In order to use VoIP, you will need the proper equipment. That equipment can include:

  1. Broadband internet connection
  2. Phone with an adapter
  3. VoIP computer software
  4. Phone that is VoIP compatible

At Delta Intellicom, we specialize in VoIP services for local businesses. We know how beneficial VoIP services can be for small businesses in the Maryland and Baltimore areas. Some benefits include:

  1. Travel cost is reduced
  2. Phone chargers are reduced
  3. Phone system can grow with ease
  4. Access VoIP features from anywhere with internet access
  5. Staff can stay connected easily

If you are new to the world of VoIP, never stress. Call the professionals at Delta Intellicom today to ask any of your VoIP questions. Our specialist can also help you decide what service will be the most beneficial for your business.

For over 20 years, Delta Intellicom has served the Maryland, Washington DC, Northern Virginia, and Pennsylvania areas in their phone service and data solution needs. By selling high quality products from leading brand names like Avaya, ShoreTel, and Nortel, Delta Intellicom is the only name you need to know when it comes to phone and data services for your business.

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