What is a Softphone?

Recently, many businesses are beginning to hear the term “softphone” thrown around when it comes to business phones or phone systems. While some may believe that softphones are physical phones, a softphone is actually describing the software used for VoIP. This means that your laptop, desktop, or smart device can become a major phone service for your business.

So what benefits come from using a softphone?

  • Savings- Many businesses are finding that a softphone application is free. When they become involved with a VoIP provider, their contract or package sometimes includes the softphone application, which allows them to implement the use of the softphone throughout their staff. This application can also help save your business money in the long run when you eliminate the added fees of using desk phones or landlines.
  • Features- There can be a number of features that come with a desk phone that can be confusing for users. Unlabeled buttons and confusing terminology can make using your desk phone successfully a major obstacle. The features that come with a softphone application can help make features user friendly and can be customized to the needs of the user. Custom labels and menu options can help each user create a system that works best for them.
  • Options- A softphone application can help provide flexible options for business users to help create a more efficient user experience. The application can be easily moved without much hassle while never surrendering user abilities.

Some of the user friendly features to expect from a softphone application include the following:

  • Address book
  • Messaging
  • Call forwarding
  • Voicemail
  • Transfer calling
  • Greeting abilities
  • Echo prevention/cancellation
  • Conferencing
  • Holding options

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