Video Conferencing Etiquette 101

While it has been generally agreed upon that video conferencing is an asset to any business, it is new enough that many of us are not sure of how to use it the most effectively. We have not completely adapted to this technology. Often knowing where or when to look or what to projected over the course of this form of mediated conversation can be difficult. Keeping these tips in mind can help you master the video conferencing etiquette basics and look professional and courteous. whether you are involved in a video conference with your coworkers or delivering customer service.

The Most Common Video Conference Faux Pas

Video conferencing is more than just a combination of talking on the phone and meeting in person. It has its own set of unique rules. Unlike the majority of other forms of communication, it involves everyone in being constantly watched, which is unique and can seem unnatural. People who are video conferencing often forget that regardless of whether they are speaking or not, they can be seen. Don’t get caught unaware!

Know Where To Look

In person looking at the person, you’re speaking to is an instinctive and natural cue, but this does not translate well while you are video conferencing. When you’re not speaking, look at the screen on your desktop. When you are speaking, look into the camera. If you do not look directly into the camera, on other people’s screens it will appear as if you are staring into space, which can read as dishonesty.

You Can’t Get Away With Multitasking

While on a regular telephone call you can often get away with quietly shuffling a few things at a time, as no one can see what you’re doing, video conferencing is not so forgiving. Everyone will obviously be able to see your eyes wandering across the screen and hear the clicks of your keyboard and mouse. This sends the message that you do not take the subject at hand seriously. When it comes to both customer service and interacting with your coworkers, multitasking sends the wrong message.

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