Video Conference Etiquette: 3 Ways to Keep it Professional

Delta Intellicom Video Conference Etiquette
Knowing proper video conference etiquette will allow you to maintain your professionalism even when you’re working remotely.

One major cultural shift that has come out of the pandemic is that so much of business is done virtually now, even for small businesses. Teleconferencing really is a new standard of business these days. And while the jokes about pairing your suit jacket with your pajama pants are great, it’s also important to remember that business etiquette is still of value. Just because we can live a slightly more laid-back life when we work from home, doesn’t mean all of the rules of business etiquette go out the window. In fact, it actually means there are new ones to learn. Let’s touch base on 3 broad video conference etiquette tips to keep it professional.

Your Technical Choices Matter

The technical choices that you make before and leading into your teleconference will set the stage for the professionalism of the whole experience. First, choose an easy-to-use platform that everyone has easy access to and that meets your security standards for your industry. For instance, Teams may work great for internal calls, but an external vendor may not have the program as part of their suite and have to scramble to find it. Next, choose a well-lit area so that the people on the conference can see you, and make sure that your background is professional. Finally, test your audio and video before the meeting starts, so you don’t waste people’s time doing that (and understand how to switch to the phone audio instead if you need to).

Your Dress Is Important

Next, remember that even though you don’t intend to stand up and reveal those Sponge Bob PJ pants, you never know exactly what is going to happen. Choose comfortable dress, but also make sure that it is work-appropriate. Finally, if you use a digital background during your video conference, don’t wear green or you may look like a disembodied head.

Your Behavior Is Key

Finally, how you act during the call is ultimately going to be the most important thing. If you’re not the person speaking, you should mute yourself. Try to maintain some eye contact with the person who is speaking, especially in a one-on-one call. If there are ground rules for participation, like taking part in break-out chats or bringing some ideas with you to the meeting, be prepared and follow them. Finally, don’t be late to the meeting – if it would bother you to stroll into the conference room after the meeting had already started, it should also bother you to ding-in after people are already discussing things.

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