Using VoIP for a Multiple Location Business

Consistent quality is essential in running a successful business and having a high client retention rate. In order for clients to return and remain loyal to your business, your business must first provide them with a high quality service to start, and then keep up with that quality of service upon their return. While hiccups are known to occur in life, it is important that businesses do everything within their power to help retain clients, especially in the competitive economy we are currently faced with. If businesses have multiple locations instead of just one main office, providing high quality service consistently can become difficult. One way to help ensure quality service from every location is to employ VoIP services for your business.

So how can VoIP help each location of your business?

  • Growth- Chances are, if you already have more than one office location, your business is already expanding. With VoIP services, new employees can easily be added and supported by your phone system without any hassle. Whether you are adding new employees to an already existing office, or opening a new space for your expanding business, VoIP can help support that expansion instead of hinder it. Many service providers have a different month to month payment plan that also allows expansion to be easy and hassle free.
  • Costs- There isn’t many fees or upfront costs that come with a VoIP system or service. A hosted system will work from the cloud, which removes the need for multiple pieces of hardware at each business location.
  • Downtime- Once you have had your VoIP system programmed for your business, all that is left to do is plug in your routers and phones. Because of this easily installation, your business won’t have to suffer from downtime as you start the service. The cloud can also help with any technical problems that might occur, which can also help prevent serious downtime.

VoIP and Delta Intellicom

For over 20 years, Delta Intellicom has served the Maryland, Washington DC, Northern Virginia, and Pennsylvania areas in their phone service and data solution needs. By selling high quality products from leading brand names like Avaya, ShoreTel, and Nortel, Delta Intellicom is the only name you need to know when it comes to phone and data services for your business.

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