Tips for Troubleshooting Your PBX Phone System

Installing a PBX phone system can be incredibly beneficial for any company. This phone system, a private branch exchange system, facilitates internal communication via a private telephone network. This increases the speed of communication among company employees and connects employees that are distant from each other. PBX phone systems don’t require much upkeep after installation, but as with all technology, you may occasionally need to troubleshoot the system to resolve minor issues. Below we offer a few troubleshooting solutions for five problems that may arise within your PBX phone system. 

In the Case of a Dead Dial Tone

If your dial tone has gone dead, you may be concerned about your phone system’s functionality. However, restoring a PBX phone system with a dead dial tone can often be as straightforward as replacing a phone cable or your power supply. You should also make sure that no cables have accidentally become disconnected before purchasing new cables or accessories. 

If You Experience Bandwidth Issues

VoIP and PBX phone systems operate digitally, which means that faulty Internet connections can derail phone calls and create frustrating latency issues. Your business may have to switch to a business-class Internet connection to eliminate delays. However, these phone-quality problems can often be resolved by prioritizing VoIP calls within your Managed Router. 

When You Hear Scrambled Audio and “Jitters”

If you experience these issues, you should first check your router and ensure that it has not been compromised. Then, you may utilize jitter buffers with your PBX phone system to help eliminate this frustrating problem in the future. 

If You Receive Unwanted Busy Signals

Every company needs to provide easy and accessible communication channels for their customers, which means that a broken busy signal can discourage business. If you notice busy signals on your company’s phone line, the problem may be linked to your system’s wiring. You can attempt to remove the splitters and test the connection again, but if that is not successful, you may have to replace the system wiring. If that should also fail, a total system replacement would be in order. 

If You Experience Incorrect Call Placement

Are calls placed on your PBX phone system not going to the right employee? All you may have to do to fix this issue is to reconfigure your internal setup. From there, you can realign your internal network and plug and play at your convenience. 

In general, when operating your PBX phone system, it is crucial to test your system in multiple ways before buying new equipment and installing it.

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