The Most Essential Features of a Great Business Phone System

As your premise-based phone system nears the end of its life, it will become critically important to identify the features your business needs. You’ll end up having to shop for the next great business phone system that will help your business stay competitive in the digital age. If you’re looking for a phone system that will help you increase productivity and collaboration, a cloud-based system may have the features you’re looking for. Here are some of the most essential features that you should look for in your next great business phone system.

Mobility Features

The modern workforce is more mobile than ever, so giving your on-the-go employees the ability to communicate as well on the road as they could from their office is critical. Some of the more popular features in this field include click-to-dial call control, on-phone corporate directories, and twinning, which allows users to receive calls and dial out seamlessly from either their mobile or desk phone.

CRM Integration

A great business phone system takes advantage of every possible situation to integrate with your existing systems. CRM integration can provide many features to help you stay competitive in your industry, such as a screen-pop when looking up caller ID info.

Unified Messaging

Make your next great business phone system a critical piece of your drive to unified communications. Unified messaging groups together various different kinds of messages, like voice mail, email, and faxes) into a single email box. This is an especially helpful feature for those employees who are on the road all of the time. They can access their voicemail anywhere quickly and easily without having to remember to dial in and provide access codes. Some systems also provide a voicemail transcription service. This service provides a transcription of the voicemail in an email with the audio as an attachment,

Video Calling

Video calling offers face-to-face interactions between colleagues from any location and is a great way to foster collaboration in your company. With continually improving bandwidth speeds, this technology should continue to improve with time.

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