The Main Reasons VoIP Phone Systems are Wonderful for Business

Each year, businesses dole out millions of dollars to traditional phone companies for the privilege of placing some calls over landlines. It is a deeply entrenched system, all built upon a century of business. However, there is an easier way to do business, one that provides better functionality, more features, and better customization. VoIP is a modern telephone solution that gives companies better flexibility in how they can do business over the phone. Today’s businesses rely heavily on their phone systems for more than just internal communication. Instead, most are looking for phone systems that can be their customer or support teams’ primary communication tool. Modern VoIP solutions are up to the task. Read on to learn all about the technology and the advantages of VoIP solutions.

Call Queuing

This feature will allow all incoming calls to be sorted into different queues according to their predefined criteria, like the specific number a customer dialed in order to contact your company.

Callback Features

With this feature, you can now automatically reach out to customers if you happened to miss their call. This could be return phone calls scheduled for business hours, automated emails apologizing for the lapse, or providing extra contact information, or anything in between. VoIP systems are quite versatile because of this.

Contact History

VoIP can track down your full client contact history and making this information easily accessible at all times. VoIP phones ensure you always know who it is you’re speaking with. Long gone are the days of agents scrambling to understand the points of repeat callers. A few VoIP systems even allow you to review a caller’s contact history in a pop-up window before you answer the call.

Easy Conference Calls

Do you need to touch base with your entire department? Scheduling conference calls with your VoIP system is as easy as picking a time for a meeting. All your participants or coworkers need is a reliable internet connection.


You are able to now build your own extensions, all fully customizable, making it easier for customers to navigate through your IVR system to find the right agent in the proper department quickly.

Call Recordings

Do you have an agent who is struggling to close telecommunication sales? Call recording features can automatically record each call your agents make, so it is easier for managers to listen to these calls to assess areas of improvement.

Telecommunications Solutions from Delta Intellicom

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