The Main Benefits of Using Call Queuing

If you have to wait as a customer, you want to know that somebody will be there soon to help you, and a call queue allows you to set your expectations for your callers like this very easily. Everybody has experienced waiting in a line of a call queue when they contact a customer service or sales rep. In fact, most people are now anticipating a long hold before they even dial up a number, which could make them annoyed at the thought of getting in touch with your company. When you are trying to provide a friendly customer experience, annoyance is the worst emotion you want your customers to feel. This is where call queuing comes in. Read on to learn all about it and how it can help your company!

What is Call Queuing?

The word “queue” essentially means to “line up.” A call queue will mimic the process of standing up in a physical line, where customers will dial up a phone number and get lined up, so you can serve them in the order in which they called. Call analytics are helpful for predicting call volume and minimizing any wait times. However, predictions are nothing more than educated guesses. As you may plan for the proper call center staffing, anomalies can and will happen. However, during the busiest of times, a call queue can save you the day. There is a lot less of a chance of a customer dropping off the line when you’re able to use the call queue to let them know they have not been forgotten, and then an agent can get to them at the earliest time possible. It is the best kind of customer experience to provide to customers that will diminish your bottom line.

Why Call Queueing is an Important Phone System Feature

When customers hang up after waiting a very long time, you can chalk it up to a “ghosted call.” They may call back, but once again, they may not. If your rate of abandonment is too high, you will need to increase the number of people answering your phone lines, as this indicates that the waiting times are too long in general. However, once you implement call queueing, you increase the chances that customers won’t hold long enough for somebody from your company to talk with them, therefore reducing the rate of abandonment. It comes down to whether you are willing to take a chance that customers will contact one of your competitors, who could take their calls quickly.

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