The Hidden Secret of Hosted Phone Solutions

When you are in the market for a commercial phone system, there’s a lot of technical lingo thrown around that can be quite confusing to the average buyer. For example, when you begin your search for an installation plan for your new phone systems or for setting up your own contact center, you will likely be recommended a variety of hosted phone solutions. But to someone who is not well versed in the telecommunications industry, you probably don’t even know what that really means, much less what your options are. Well, Delta Intellicom is here to tell you a little secret about hosted phone solutions– almost all varieties perform the exact same function. Take some time to learn about the world of hosted phone solutions for your business before jumping in on a purchase.

What are Hosted Phone Solutions?

Hosted phone solutions are essentially phone systems that connect to an Internet or ethernet server rather than a landline cable wire. This is useful for phones that need additional security by running on a custom, private server or for those that need to be able to access the phone system remotely. Almost all hosted phone solution systems work exactly the same but under different names. For example, both VoIP, UCaaS, and hosted all essentially perform the exact same functions of being Internet-powered phones. So don’t worry too much about the names and don’t let them scare you. As an example, think about modern cars. Hundreds of car brands exist today. Some are more tailored to families, some are more intended for industrial use, and some are luxury cars with lots of cool gadgets and features. But all cars perform the same essential function– to transport you from point A to point B much faster than walking. The same principle can be applied to hosted phone solutions. 

Why Does My Business Need Them?

As stated earlier, all hosted solutions work on the same basic principle of providing quality means of communication to and from your business. However, there are some legitimate differences between the services. Remember the car example? Well, as stated, some cars are developed for people that have different wants or needs. Hosted phone solutions function in the same way. There are some varieties that are made for large corporations with high security and call volume, while some are developed specifically with smaller businesses in mind. 

Now that you know the secret of hosted phone solutions, you no longer need to be afraid of what to ask for. A professional phone retailer like Delta Intellicom will be able to help you choose the best-hosted phone solution for your business. 

Phone System Solutions from Delta Intellicom

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