The Difference Between a Key System and a PBX System

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A key service unit, or KSU, is kind of old school but still useful for small businesses that need multiple phone lines.

A telephone system is a vital piece of infrastructure for any modern organization because it connects your business to clients and customers and allows your employees to communicate effectively with each other. A key system and private branch exchange (PBX) are the two primary phone systems used in today’s market. The best option for your business depends on your organization’s size, the number of handsets required, the call volume, and what type of features you need, such as voicemail, conference calls, and advanced call queuing. Here are the core differences between a key system and a PBX system. 

A Key System Defined

A key system or key service unit (KSU) is a simple multi-line telephone system ideal for small businesses with fewer than 50 employees. KSU handsets have multiple buttons representing individual lines, with users picking up the receiver and pressing a button to access the line. The button will light up when the line is in use. A KSU provides limited features like hold buttons, speaker phones, intercom, and paging. Additionally, A KSU doesn’t switch calls but uses a PTSN line for the call to use with the switching occurring at Central Office (PSTN Exchange). A KSU is also the more affordable option. 

A PBX Defined

A PBX is a business telephone system that switches internal calls between employees and allows users to share a pool of external lines for local, long-distance or international calls. A PBX system can handle hundreds of trunks (lines). A private automatic branch exchange (PABX) supports multiple handsets, modems, fax machines, conferencing systems, and many other communication devices. A PBX has more advanced features and is the costlier option. PBX systems are also more scalable because they can be on-premised or hosted. 

The Core Considerations Summarized

Core things to evaluate are: 

  • The Size of Your Business
  • If You Anticipate Business Growth
  • What Types of Calls Your Company Makes
  • Your Budget

PBX telephone systems are the top choice for most organizations. Contact Delta Intellicom today if you fear that your telephone system is outdated. 

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