Signs You Need to Update Your Phone System

It’s no fun when your phones don’t work. Inter-office communication becomes more difficult, and clients become upset. If you’re having trouble with your phone system, maybe it’s time to consider an upgrade. Here are three signs to look for to tell if you need to upgrade your phone system.

Technically Obsolete

The older a phone system gets, the harder it is to repair. While Delta Intellicom stocks over 3,000 parts to service and repair any vintage phone, an older phone system requires parts that are more difficult to find and detailed expertise that fewer and fewer technicians have. Some phone systems may even require used parts for replacement, since the manufacturers are no longer producing parts for that model of phone system anymore. The best thing to do is update your phone system now while you have the money and time, rather than wait until the phone system goes down and you feel pressured to quickly choose a new updated system.

Your Office is Moving

If you are moving to a new office and considering taking your old phone system with you, then remember that there are sacrifices involved in saving the old phone system. You will have to pay to have the old system uninstalled, moved, then reinstalled. Also, your office will be without phone service while the phone system is being moved, so you’ll have to plan ahead to move the phone system on a weekend or holiday, and then pray that it doesn’t take longer. A new phone system will save you the hassle of moving the old one. Plus, if you are expanding your office to a second location, an updated phone system for both old and new locations will help with managing calls and inter-office communication.

You Need a Higher Call Volume

If your business is expanding or you have seasonal spikes in calls to your business, you may want to consider upgrading to a phone system that can handle more calls. Sometimes clients may call and won’t be able to get through, or your employees try to use the phone but cannot because all the lines are tied up. This results in a decrease of client satisfaction, a decrease of employee productivity, and an overall decrease in revenue. You can increase your business’s earning potential by upgrading your phone system.

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