Should I Replace or Repair My Business Phone System?

Sometimes, the unexpected can happen, and your business phone system can go down. Then, you are left with two choices: either to replace it with a new system or to repair your current business phone system. If you’re torn on shopping for a new phone system or you’re apprehensive about spending the money to fix a system that may fail again, you should know that these are very valid concerns. Here are some factors to consider when deciding between replacing or repairing your business phone system. 

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Do You Have Modern Features?

If your failed business phone system didn’t have all of the latest features, it might not be worth repairing. Instead, consider replacing your phone system with one that brings added benefits to your business operations and communication. Modern enterprises need modern technology to grow their business and provide outstanding service to their customers. Your business phone system should support computer and cell phone integration, call recording, call rerouting, conference calls, menu setups, and much more.

Who Supports My System?

Whether your phone system service is hosted or on-site can influence your decision to replace or repair it. A hosted system by the off-site cloud company you hired will be fixed on their end, leaving you only to be concerned about the actual phones or network switch at your offices. On-site equipment requires that you have capable workers that can perform routine maintenance and repair the system, leaving you in more control over the phone system performance. If your hosted system goes down, you can reach out to that company for repair assistance, or decide to replace your system with an on-site system. Those who have on-site systems can have their IT employees resolve any issues. Otherwise, it may be best to purchase and install a new phone system.

Is The Business Phone System Manufacturer Still Around?

A good indication for whether your broken business phone system is outdated is if the manufacturer is still in business or makes your model. As technologies and telecommunication capabilities improve, your phone system will need the appropriate upgrades to keep your company competitive. If the manufacturer does not support your phone system, you are better off replacing it with equipment from a different and more current manufacturer.

Phone System Solutions from Delta Intellicom

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