PBX vs. VoIP: Which Small Business Phone System is Best for Your Business?

There are many possibilities when choosing the right small business phone system; after all, it’s a meaningful way to communicate quickly and effectively with your clients! Here are a few factors you can consider when deciding which system is best for your business. 

What are VoIP and PBX? 

Also called Voice over Internet Protocol, VoIP systems are cloud-based without the need for traditional phone hardware. VoIP has become a popular choice for small businesses because it relies on a solid internet connection, and they can easily add users to their system as they grow. Instead of traditional phone systems, VoIP can be used on any device connected to the internet. 


PBX or Private Branch Exchange systems are enterprise-grade, allowing for easy call transferring within your facility. While they’ve generally been regarded as an analog option, PBX systems have evolved to include digital signals. So, it can be easy to switch back and forth from analog phones to a digital system in a network. These are hard-wired systems, so they’re great for offices that need to communicate by phone regularly. 

How To Choose Which Is Best for Yor Small Business Phone System? 

  • Consider Your Budget

Using a VoIP system for your small business has a lower initial investment and usually has a standard monthly subscription rate depending on users. A PBX system has a steep initial investment because there is hardware to purchase. Monthly recurring charges also depend on how many users you have and include maintenance of your hardware. 

  • Call Quality and Reliability Considerations

If your team speaks to your clients on the phone a lot, PBX can offer crystal-clear calling, depending on the type of hardware you choose. VoIP call quality can be good; however, since it’s a cloud-based system, there are a lot of factors to consider when discussing call quality. Call quality can waver depending on the quality of a headset or the reliability of an internet connection. If you have many remote workers purchasing their equipment, this could cause variations in call quality.  

  • Flexibility and Scalability

VoIP is amazingly flexible and scalable for rapidly growing businesses. Since there’s no hardware to install, you can set up more phone numbers and accounts easily and quickly. Since there’s equipment associated with a PBX system, you should consider your anticipated yearly growth and have setups made for any new team members if you’re quickly growing. 

Small Business Phone System Solutions from Delta Intellicom

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