It’s Moving Day — Should My Old Phone System Tag Along?

Moving to a new office space can be quite exciting and quite stressful all at the same time. Whether you’ve found a new office space for a growing business, or simply one that’s more appealing and accommodating to your current size, you’re sure to be caught in a whirlwind — one that will sooner or later leave you with plenty of important decisions to make. It’s often the little things that can slide under the radar and cause annoying hiccups in the move, such as what to do with your old phone system. Here’s our advice for making the move, with or without your old phone system.

Should It Stay or Should It Go?

Most simply, and in most cases, the answer is that it isn’t worth it to move your old phone system over to your new office space. Migrating a phone system can end up being more expensive and less efficient than starting fresh in your new space. You can just as easily, if not more easily, sell or return your current system to fund the purchase and installation of your new one. There are a handful of reasons for this, which we’ll go ahead and lay out for you.

  • Down time. It takes time to physically un-install, pack up, transport, and re-install a phone system to a new location. Weekend moves can help in this endeavor, but that will typically increase the already-unnecessary price of moving it.
  • An excuse to upgrade. If you don’t already have some variety of cloud-based or VoIP phone system in your office, an upgrade for your office space might mean it’s also time for an upgrade for your phone system. In fact, those types of phone systems would make moving even easier — so long as your Internet is already set up in the new office before making the move. This is especially pertinent if the reason you’re moving office spaces is because you’re upsizing your business. The bigger the operation, the better its technology should be.
  • Cost ineffective. The combination of down time and paying for the uninstallation and reinstallation makes for an inefficient business decision. Instead, use the opportunity to make a solid investment now that you’ve already invested in your new space. No stone should be left unturned when revamping your business.

Ultimately, the decision is up to you. If you were thinking of bringing your phone system with you and you have questions, or if you want to learn more about the benefits of upgrading during the move, feel free to give us a call!

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