Is Predictive Dialer Right for My Business?

Some business phone system features are meant to help by improving efficiency. The predictive dialer tool or feature can help some businesses achieve that by automatically setting up a stream of quality calls. However, before your next business phone system purchase, it’s important to understand the predictive dialer capabilities and how it can potentially help — or hurt — your operations. More specifically, you need to consider how this type of dialer will impact the quality and quantity of the calls it’s programmed to make, as well as how it plays into your company’s services or role you have.

What is a Predictive Dialer?

A predictive dialer is an automatic outbound calling system that uses phone call metrics to “predict” when the human agent can answer the next call. The program is loaded up with a list of numbers to continuously call so the human agent can spend less time manually dialing while increasing connected call time. Before, this feature would be built into phone system hardware. Now, with the widespread use of cloud or hosted phone system services, the predictive dialer is an available software feature. The dialer can be used with other business phone system features like conference calls, call recording, and voicemail message drops.

Best Uses

The predictive dialer is best for companies conducting customer service follow-up, telemarketing or other sales purposes, and market research. These companies most likely run a call center that makes a high volume of outbound calls daily. Small businesses that are looking to expand their operations and productivity may consider using the dialer tool. Each call representative waits for the next available call to be connected, often with the caller information populating on their integrated computer program for their quick reference. As the human representative goes about their conversation, the dialer calls and sorts out the different numbers on its given list for working numbers, human pick-ups, busy lines, or unproductive phone numbers. This way, the system can predict the next quality call to get more customers or leads on the phone. The manager or caller can input filters for the roster of calls the dialer should make.

Drawbacks and Challenges

People’s disdain for robo-calls and phone solicitors have driven many to add their numbers to the government regulated “Do Not Call” or DNC list. Companies need to adhere to those restrictions or face steep fines. Additionally, the automatic predictive dialer increases the number of leads but does not give the call representative much room for control over the quality of the lead. While the filters selectively call a group of numbers, the generic nature of these filters can make it difficult for the caller to personalize the interaction with the call recipient. This feature would not be ideal for those selling high-value items or managing private, sensitive information like finances or updating personal records.

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