Important Uses for an Overhead Paging System

Have you ever been inside a building and noticed a small, grate-like mechanism on the ceilings or near the fire alarm? It was likely an overhead paging system or a way to communicate with a central control center. Many businesses and facilities already use an overhead paging system; you probably just haven’t seen them in action. Most of the time, they are used as a one-way communication measure to announce emergencies throughout the building, such as fire alarms. But, there are more reasons than just emergencies to install an overhead paging system to your business. Here are a few alternate uses of an overhead paging system that can be useful to your business or facility.

Important Announcements

Do you remember at school the daily morning announcements and dismissal calls? This was likely performed via an overhead system. If you own a large business or facility, you know the communication struggles you face daily. When a facility is huge, like a school, detention center, or factory, it’s important to broadcast announcements when needed. Even simple things like announcing someone’s birthday over the overhead paging system or a company-wide event can make someone’s day. 

Playing Music

In retail establishments or restaurants, a business owner or manager can use an overhead paging system to play music and broadcast events and messages to customers and patrons. It functions similarly to how a hold system works on regular phone systems; when not in manual use, it can be programmed to automatically play through a cycle of scheduled sounds. This is really nice for those who do not want to be by their phone all day changing the songs playing in the store or installing an expensive radio system. 

It’s a Communication Tool

Many forms of overhead paging systems feature a talkback system. For example, if someone wishes to speak to a representative at the facilities call center, it is usually possible to contact them through the use of the overhead system. Simply press a button or dial up a code using a phone, and you should be able to speak to a representative when needed. This is much more convenient than physically walking to human relations or call center locations, especially in reporting emergencies.

Overhead Paging System is Customizable

One great feature of a paging system is that it is able to be customized to best fit your business. For one thing, there are ways to program it, so it does not always contact everyone in the entire building unless needed. Similar to a phone, numbers, and codes can be assigned to a specific location, so only certain areas can be contacted if needed. 

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