How Your Business Phone System Can Benefit Employees

Your employees are more than just cogs in your machine. They’re real people with needs, preferences, and jobs to do. Just as they need a functional physical infrastructure to work with (desks, chairs, what have you), they also likely need a strong digital infrastructure, like a good business phone system. But just any old phone system won’t do. The system needs to be up-to-date and allow for easy and efficient communication both internally and externally.

Call Tracking and Motivation

With a cloud-based or VoIP phone system, the advanced technologies incorporated therein allow for historical or real-time tracking of call metrics. In industries where customer service is the goal (hint: most of them) this can be a huge benefit for your business as well as your employees. Tracking call metrics such as hold time, idle time, call length, and first-call resolution can game-ify your customer service calls, allowing your employees to compete against each other and themselves.

A Business Phone System You Can Count On

A good phone system should not fail. It should be counted on to provide high-quality voice calls, and occasionally even video calls, to keep employees in touch with each other and with customers. Whether making a simple customer service call or a conference call that can include teleworkers or multiple office locations, employees will be motivated by a phone system that can be relied upon to do what it is that needs to be done, and to do it well. An advanced business phone system in the customer service industry can also allow for supervisors to drop in on calls, enter them to speak directly with customers, or whisper in the phone operator’s ear to provide assistance or guidance. There are many ways that your phone system can benefit your business, and benefitting your employees is one plus that can be overlooked. Don’t forget to give your employees the latest technology they need to do their job effectively and efficiently.

Your Telecommunications Team with Delta Intellicom

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