How Wired Networks Are Still Better Than Wifi

With how much modern society relies on the internet, it’s amazing just how much we take for granted. Many young people have never even heard of an ethernet cable, much less realize you can use one to connect the internet. With the convenience and prevalence of wifi networks, why would you ever opt for a wired connection? While it’s true that wired technology is old, there are still a number of key advantages to wired networks that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Easier Setup and Connection

Setting up or connecting to a new wireless network is frequently a crap shoot. Constantly changing standards for network encryption are always causing new headaches. And when an issue does come, the process of troubleshooting it can be a complete mystery. Sometimes wireless networks just don’t want to talk to our devices.


Wired networks rarely ever go down unless the power goes out in the entire building. Wireless networks, on the other hand, come with all sorts of reliability problems. If you’re trying to access a wireless network at the edge of its range, for example, your results may vary wildly. Sometimes the very walls in our buildings can interfere with a connection. It’s also not unusual for a wireless router to crash and require a reset.


No one wants to sit around waiting for a download bar to finish. Modern ethernet connections can get speeds of up to 1 Gigabit per second, or more than three times the speed of the fastest Wi-Fi connections. If time is your priority, then having a fast network connection can be absolutely clutch.


Wireless encryption standards are constantly trying to overcome security vulnerabilities in wireless networks. Even the most secure wireless networks are at risk of a breach, but a wired network is completely contained. Typically, you must physically access a wired network to access its information.

What It All Comes down To

Wifi isn’t a bad technology, and it definitely has its place unless you want an ethernet cable trailing you everywhere you go. Still, it’s important not overlook some of the benefits of a wired network. Even today, ethernet connections can save you a lot of headaches.

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