How To Tell If You Need Phone System Repairs

Your office phones probably get a lot of daily use. As with anything that we operate after a while, it will get worn, even potentially damaged. At that point, you will find yourself needing phone system repairs or outright replacements. Because you and your employees are using those phones so frequently, you may be aware that on some days, the phone system isn’t performing to its highest capacity. Here are a few hard-to-miss signs that you need some phone system repairs.

Voicemails Are Disappearing

Have you noticed you’ve gone a few days without having any voicemails? Or perhaps a colleague approached you peeved that you haven’t responded to a voicemail earlier this week. You may try to leave your office number a voicemail to see where they’re going, only to find that none of them are being saved at all! For those using a VoIP phone system, the settings may have been changed, or you need to administer an update to get everything in working order again. If this technical troubleshooting doesn’t help, you may need to look into phone system repairs or possibly replacing the system equipment.

Drop in Quality or Dropping Calls

If you are experiencing poor call quality or dropped calls, you could require phone system repairs if ruled out internet connectivity issues as the source of the problem. Then again, you should also check with your service provider to see if there are any problems on their end that could be causing the reduced call quality. Otherwise, if your equipment is not a part of a VoIP phone system, you could be working with outdated equipment that may not be worth the cost of repairs. Instead, upgrade to higher quality, modern equipment!

You Suspect Some Water Damage

The physical phone equipment may look robust for its design, but don’t forget it’s just like any other technology that does not play well with water. Liquid damage may have occurred; in an office, it’s not uncommon for the occasional coffee or tea to spill and get the phone wet. If you accidentally spilled liquid on your phone system, unplug it and let it dry completely. Afterward, plug your phone back in to see if it’s still functioning. If the phone is still experiencing issues, reach out to your phone service provider or a member of your IT department to see if they recommend phone system repairs or replacement.

Phone System Solutions from Delta Intellicom

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