How to Strengthen Your Cloud Security

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Cloud security is absolutely critical for modern businesses that are handling and storing sensitive information.

Cloud security is the technology, processes, controls, and policies that protect your cloud-based systems, infrastructure, and data. You and your cloud service provider are accountable for implementing a cloud security strategy that protects your data, adheres to regulatory compliance, and protects your customers’ privacy. 

A dependable strategy will protect you from the financial, reputational, and legal ramifications that data breaches and data loss causes. Here is how to strengthen your cloud security. 

Use Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Traditional username and password combinations are insufficient to protect user accounts from hackers. Hackers gain access to online business data and applications by stealing credentials. Once they have user credentials, they can log into all cloud-based applications and services business owners use to run their businesses. MFA guarantees that only authorized personnel can log into your cloud apps and access sensitive data in your on or off-premise work environment. 

MFA is another term for two-factor authentication, meaning that anyone trying to gain access to your cloud systems would need two ways to get in: a password and pin, a phone number and pin, facial recognition and a password, or some other combination. MFA is cost-effective yet one of the most effective security controls to keep hackers from accessing cloud applications. 

Manage Your User Access

Managing your user access improves cloud computing security. Most team members don’t need access to every bit of information or every file in your cloud’s infrastructure. You can set the proper authorization levels with an identity access management (IAM) plan to ensure that employees can only use the applications or data for their particular job functions. 

An IAM plan helps prevent employees from accidentally editing information they aren’t authorized to access. It also protects you from hackers who have stolen an employee’s credentials. Also, regulatory compliance standards such as HIPPA, FINRA, and many others require these security standards. 

Use Automated Solutions to Detect Intruders

Automated solutions can help you detect irregular logins that deviate from typical usage patterns, such as a login from previously unknown IPs or devices. Many Security Operations Center as a Service (SOCasS) solutions have automated 24/7 networking monitoring and management that can help you.

There are also advanced cyber security solutions with: 

  • Intrusion detection and response
  •  Vulnerability scanning and remediation
  • Endpoint detection and response 

Implement an Off-Boarding Process 

When employees leave your company or you let them go, they should no longer have access to your cloud storage, systems, data, intellectual properties, or customer information. This task often doesn’t happen until weeks after an employee leaves, leaving data vulnerable for too long. It’s best to implement a systemized deprovisioning system to ensure that you revoke access rights to former employees. 

Train Your Employees on How to Identify Scams

Phishing, spoofing websites, and social media spying are a few of the many social engineering techniques hackers use to gain access to secure information. When you offer your employees ongoing cyber security education, your employees are less likely to fall victim to scams and compromise your business’s sensitive data. 

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