How Does VoIP Work, Exactly?

We’ve discussed a few times how Voice over IP technology can help your business stay more productive and positively impact your bottom line. Modern VoIP technology has made it easier than ever to make the switch. But it can be somewhat of a mystery to business owners and employees. Have you ever wondered how it works? By understanding the technology, you can use it more easily to the advantage of your company.

VoIP at a Glance

To first understand how VoIP works, you should first understand the difference between analog and digital. The human voice is analog, and landline telephones retained the analog nature of this voice. VoIP converts the analog sounds into packets of data which are then transferred digitally in the same manner as email over the Internet or through an IP network. Doing this allows great flexibility with calls. You can call landline or mobile phones, and even communicate computer-to-computer using headsets or microphones and speakers. Landline telephones can utilize VoIP by connecting an analog telephone adapter, which is then connected to the network. This adapter converts the analog sounds from the landline into digital signals.

Works Great for Business

VoIP adds voice to a data network, which saves businesses money and enhances productivity and collaboration. You’ll only have one network to maintain, as opposed to the two separate voice and data systems you would have. It’s easy to add, move, and change phone extensions and locations. VoIP allows employees to be more flexible, remote connecting to your network from home or wherever else they may need to be. They can utilize wireless IP phones so they can stay connected if they need to go out on site or out of the office for any reason. Moreover, VoIP can be a component of a unified communications solution, allowing your workforce to seamlessly shift between voice, video chat, instant messaging, and conference calling in order to more easily collaborate.

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