How Can I Improve My Video Conferences?

As the nature of business continues to evolve with the constant advancements in technology, it is crucial to be prepared. Preparedness when it comes to technology means updating your office systems as hardware and software elements continue to change. This is especially true with communication. Effective communication is key in business development and just day-to-day transactions in general. Some employees travel while others use technology to work from home-based offices. Within your business network, communicating with people outside of the office must be clear and efficient. Improve your video conferences by making these adjustments:

Wi-Fi and Bandwidth   

A major aspect of effective video conferencing is a clear connection. That starts with having an efficient bandwidth and Wi-Fi connection. These elements will directly affect the picture quality and sound of your conference. Before beginning your video conference, be sure to check the signal strength and speed for your Wi-Fi and bandwidth connections. If needed, have a wired ethernet connection available and ready for use in case there are any signal interruptions.

Upgraded Equipment

The equipment that you use for video conferencing should be able to handle all the advanced communication techniques you’d like to use during your meeting. Invest in a quality, high definition camera, lavalier or conference room microphone, and high-quality speakers for the room. Since everyone involved in the meeting won’t be in the same room, it is essential that all messages and key points are conveyed correctly.  

Light and Location

Finally, you can improve the effectiveness of your video conferences by choosing a simple location. Eliminate any distractions in the room and ensure that there is enough seating available for all who will be involved. Be sure to check the sound quality of the room and that you can close the door to avoid any interruptions, or close window blinds to help minimize glaring. In terms of lighting, it’s important to have a well-lit location, especially if presentations are being broadcast over the video feed. In addition, on video conference days, avoid wearing bright colors or patterns that may be distracting or that may not show up well on camera.   

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