How A Hosted VoIP Telephone System Can Benefit Your Business

Is your businesses telephone system holding you back? Having an up to date, easy to use telephone system is essential to any business, but especially highly mobile ones. A VoIP service offers a wide variety of cost-effective benefits that may help build your business. Want to know more? Today we’ll take you through five key advantages of a VoIP system.

VoIP and CRM Integration

When you have a sales team that needs to be kept busy, and customer service representatives that need to be on the line, having a reliable, high-quality system is essential. When you integrate with a CRM system, you’re giving your business the modern advantages you need to succeed.

Call Logging and Monitoring

One of the most essential features for any sales team is the ability to log and monitor their calls. If you need to be able to record your calls, for instance, you’ll be better able to ensure customer satisfaction. Not to mention it allows managers to listen in to any employees in training and practice routine monitoring.

Feature Rich Communications

If you need mobile communications, instant messaging, and conference call abilities in one seamless package a VoIP service is calling to you. VoIP services offer a wide range of features, and they aren’t just limited to your office. Remote workers and clients will be able to take advantage of your new system with as much ease as if they were at the desk next to you. Not only does this open up availability for worldwide employees, but it makes your work in your main office even easier.  

Rapid Scaling

When you need to add and remove devices rapidly, a VoIP system has your back. With its intentionally flexible nature, you can move from site to site and person to person as quickly as you need without having to worry about contracts, installations, or extra hardware.

Low-Cost Communications

Perhaps the most significant advantage of a VoIP service is the cost. Despite offering a wide range of incredibly flexible features, most services are still less expensive than what would be available through a telecom provider. Not to mention, most VoIP services offer an inclusive or free calling package.

Phone System Solutions from Delta Intellicom

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