Difference Between Overhead Paging and Intercom Systems

For any business or building owner, it’s essential to know what types of technology and equipment can improve your business functions. What’s equally as important is being able to understand differences in your available options. This way, you can choose the system that most makes sense for your operations or work environment. Many people believe that overhead paging systems and intercom systems refer to the same service and equipment. Actually, this isn’t true. Be sure you know the differences between overhead paging and intercom systems before you install a system. Otherwise, you may encounter some surprises or disappointments.

Overhead Paging System

The key characteristic to know about overhead paging systems is that the communication is delivered one way. Common to retail stores, large offices, manufacturing or warehousing facilities, hospitals, campus sites, and more, overhead paging broadcasts a message to a department or building area via overhead speakers. The intended message recipient can quickly get the memo and react accordingly, which can be especially useful if trying to prompt actions from a group of people or employees. Further, people do not need to be near a phone extension to get the message; they can just listen to an overhead announcement.

Intercom System

Conversely, if a paging system enables one-way communication, then an intercom system allows two-way communication. That is, the message receiver can verbally respond to whoever sent the message. The message recipient can answer by picking up a connected telephone line. In many cases, places with intercom systems have speakers built-in microphones. Therefore, the recipients can relay their responses through the same device. This enables quick communication from two ends. Again, the recipient and responder do not need to be near an extension line of their phone to either receive or reply to the incoming message.


Which One Should I Choose?

By now, you should have a better understanding of not only why these systems are different but also how they differ. There isn’t a single answer to give in terms of which system is better and which you should install. It all comes down to considering what solutions your workplace can benefit from and the goals you hope to achieve with your paging or intercom system. Need assistance with making a selection for your business or building? get in touch with a helpful telecommunications expert from Delta Intellicom!

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