Delta Intellicom

Retail/Executive Placement Associates

I decided to move my office to a new and much larger space. One of my major concerns was finding a vendor well versed in both telephone and technological communication.

I spent over a month researching and speaking with vendors and looked at every phone system imaginable. I feel very fortunate to have decided to use Delta. They understood my needs and priced a system accordingly. I purchased a very utilitarian and timeless system and have not regretted it for 1 single minute in the 15 months we have been using it.

All the support work, including extensive cabling was done in accordance with the original contract, earlier than promised. The training and service both at the onset of the installation and also on a continuing basis has been terrific. My account executive has been a pleasure to deal with and even now, in the rare situation where I need to speak with him or a service person from his firm, I get an immediate call back.

I looked at systems that were cheaper where the Marketing Rep. promised me the Sun, Moon and Stars. Delta’s system is not the cheapest, and they didn’t offer me anything more then his normal service, which compared to most other people I run into these days, is head and shoulders better than other people in the same business.