Choosing the Office Headsets

Office headsets are one of those valuable tools that can make any business run more efficiently. These simple devices make handling phone calls much easier on your call representative, which, in turn, means better service for your customers and more revenue for the company. Many businesses or workplaces face different considerations when choosing office headsets. Picking the right headset puts your workers in a more comfortable and capable position to do their job productively.



Office headsets for phone use come in three distinct styles: headphone, earphone, and neckband. Each style can come with their unique variations, which can impact the comfort of the wearer. For example, over-ear headphones can cover both ears or just one, with microphones that are either static or adjustable. Earphones can be designed with ear hooks for a secure hold, along with an attached volume adjuster and microphone. Some employees may find one style of a headset to be more comfortable than another and will prefer the better option if they are expected to use it regularly.

Wired or Wireless

Depending on the chosen office headset style, the device can be wired or wireless. Wired headsets are less likely to drop or disconnect from calls, and won’t require the user to remember to charge the device. However, the wires can restrict the wearer’s movement, which can cause physical discomfort after a while. Wireless headsets let the wearer move about more freely throughout the office if needed. While they are restricted to a given range on the device, your worker can move their necks, stretch, or grab something away from their desk without having to remove their headset constantly. Of course, this preference for wired or wireless headsets could also depend on the wearer’s responsibilities and how often they need to be on the phone. 


Your budget will largely determine what style or model you can afford, and also how many units. It’s best to opt for better quality devices your business can afford. These will work more reliably and feel more comfortable. You can probably determine who in your office would most benefit from using a headset instead of getting one for every desk. For example, the sales representative or secretary type position holders will probably get more use out of them than someone in your human resources department.

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