Call Center Phone Headsets: Two Types for Different Needs

Call center employees must use headsets in combination with their phone system to make sure they can quickly and accurately record information about their customers or sales leads. This eliminates the need for them to be holding their phone physically in their hand or using speakerphone function, which can distract other call center workers. An easy way to improve call center phone employee performance is to provide them with good headsets. Since they have to wear headsets to be able to work, it is good to be able to choose from different headset types to suit different needs. Here are a few types of headsets to think about for your call center employees. 

Dual Ear Headsets for Call Centers

Dual ear headsets are similar to headphones one would wear to listen to music or perform in a recording studio. These headsets cover both ears and are worn over the top of the head. These headsets are a great choice for call centers with a lot of background noise, such as call centers with many people staffed at once, where there will be a lot of speaking overlap. Some types of dual-ear headsets are even noise-canceling, which means they emit white noise frequencies to cancel out any potentially distracting background noise while wearing them. This can help your employees to stay on task and focused as much as possible, boosting efficiency. 

Single Ear Headsets

Single ear headsets are usually held onto one ear via an earpiece or a headband. They are known for their comfort and are simple to use. These headsets are perfect for call centers with less background noise or experienced employees who know how to tune out the racket. These headsets are usually wireless and battery-powered, so there is no need to have them plugged directly into a phone system. Most single-ear headsets will simply charge overnight, so they are ready to use the next day. They are lightweight, and most employees will barely even notice they are wearing them even after a long full-time workday. So be sure to monitor employees to make sure they don’t accidentally wear them home from work!

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