5 Benefits of Cloud-Based Phone Systems

Cloud-based phone systems are gaining popularity for many reasons. They offer excellent versatility and features that allow businesses to project more professionalism and preparedness. In an ever-changing technological world, you should employ systems that can keep up with new demands. Here are five benefits of cloud-based phone systems.

Fewer Hardware Requirements

You’ll need very little hardware to operate your cloud-based phone system if any at all. Most cloud-based systems are compatible with landlines and mobile devices. This means automatically that this option is less expensive than others that do require hefty hardware. And once you’re ready to get started, there’s no waiting around for equipment to arrive.  

Pay for Subscription

With most cloud-based systems, they use a subscription model for payment.  You’ll pay a monthly service fee per user, which varies on the type of package you select. It pays for the service as well as additional features like shared lines, intercom capabilities, fax, and call queues and parking. It’s a simple system that just results in you paying one bill for your phone service each month.

Full Mobility

These days, business capabilities must be as mobile as people. When you’re out of the office for personal or professional reasons, it’s necessary to avoid the disruption of business activities and having a cloud-based business phone system will ensure that that doesn’t happen.

Virtual Security

When you’re housing a lot of expensive hardware at your business location, security becomes a concern; not just from theft but other physical disasters like fires and power failures as well. Virtual systems use extensive security to protect your business communication abilities with fireproofing, backup power systems, controlled access, and constant visual monitoring. Data security also protects your most sensitive information from potential hackers.

Expanded Reach

The integration of mobile networks with cloud-based phone systems means that you’ll benefit from continuous and instant access to employees, business partners, and customers from and to any location. This benefit is especially important for small business who don’t have a large workforce of representatives. It allows you to take on much more business opportunities than you would otherwise be able to handle.

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