4 VoIP Trends

Voice over internet protocol, otherwise known as VoIP, is quickly becoming a standard in the communication industry. The benefits include cost efficiency, scalability, and flexibility. As technology continues to advance, so do the capabilities of VoIP. If you’ve just made the switch or if you’re still considering your next move, check out the current top four VoIP trends.

Artificial Intelligence

Further exploration of artificial intelligence is an exciting field within technology. But it isn’t just being relegated to making mundane tasks more convenient or giving robots more functionality; it’s also used with VoIP systems. To start, artificial intelligence could assist with network repairs before issues inhibit your ability to communicate. This technology could be used to repair quality of service issues automatically. Furthermore, artificial intelligence could lead to improved communications applications through speech pattern analysis in voice and emails.

Removal of Aging Infrastructure

As technology continues to advance daily, the use of traditional phone systems isn’t as prevalent as it once was years ago. More and more businesses are adopting VoIP services as they better accommodate the contemporary needs of businesses. VoIP systems are more efficient than traditional lines and are more reliable for providing digital voice, video, and data sharing.

Expanded Mobile Integration

Embedded or integrated apps along with 5G technology have increased the popularity and need for expanded mobile integration and unified communications functionality. VoIP trends in this field include enhanced team collaboration, content sharing, and meeting support. Also, continuity, which refers to the ability to take a call on one device and seamlessly transfer it to another, is a feature that many busy business professionals have come to appreciate. It has become a necessity that the available features be accessible across a variety of devices.


With every advancement in technology comes more sophisticated ways to hack those systems. With that said, VoIP security solutions are trending, and are a top priority as this network is susceptible to attacks through the internet. Trends in VoIP security include firewalls, spam filtering, web content monitoring, and virus and spyware protection.  

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